If you are interested in being part of our story please use the form below to submit to play



All bands the apply to play SMF will, in tandem, be considered for SMF showcases which will be taking place in Guildford / Brighton / Crawley / Horsham and possibly London in 2020.



Band location:

SMF is based in West Sussex and the majority of our bands are from Sussex & Surrey areas. We are happy to consider acts from outside these areas, however, please see crowd pull & expenses notes below. 


Supporting other artists: 

We make decisions based on your attitude as well as talent, so mutual support for other acts and gigs is acknowledged.

We appreciate everyone has busy lives but we believe in bands supporting each other and getting involved with the showcases and Festival.


Getting involved:

If you want to be involved with the Festival as well as potentially playing - great! More the merrier! 


Crowd pull: 

Please be honest! All musicians start somewhere - we’d rather 5 - 10 people you say you can bring actually show up than 1 of a fictitious 100+ 


Expenses / Fees: 

The Sussex Music Festival is privately funded and crew are volunteers. Expenses MAY be considered if your crowd pull (see above) justifies it, however, this is not a paid festival (although that is the plan for the future). Showcase profits are split equally between bands and promoters.

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